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  • Why Humanist BC?

    The official narrative of the so called Pandemic has been abused to undermine freedom of speech. Main social media sites and platforms have been taking side with this official narrative and are censoring people's opinions in direct and indirect ways. We felt the necessity of an independent platform where residents of BC can freely talk, exchange ideas and discuss what matters to us. was established by a handful of concerned BC citizens and is owned by them at this time. However, the idea is to register a cooperative legal entity and transfer its ownership to such legal corporate entity (a company with cooperative model) so it will be owned by its members.

    The running cost of maintaining including the domain, platform, hosting, privacy, protection from attacks, protection from computer viruses and all other software/hardware/network costs are expected to be less that $ 1,000 in a year unless it grows huge in number of members and discussions. We are still very far from that point. This means with a humble expected number of 100 members, each member will have to spend $ 10 per year to own an independent free speech platform and site. This does not include administrative expenses such as pays to people for managing and moderating the forums platform but this is not required at this time because it is taken care of by volunteers and will remain this way most probably. There has been an initial setup cost of around $ 1,000.
    Although this is not the intention or main drive, the site may be capable of attracting donations and accepting banner ads as a source of income that may not only cover its expenses but generate revenue as well that may in turn be used to develop this initiative into becoming a multi media in the future.

    The founders have no issues to continue providing this site and platform for free and the option to establish a cooperative legal entity, transfer the ownership there and become a member is to address the valid concern that its owners may decide to enforce their personal preferences here.

    Privacy policy of this site respects the laws and regulations of British Columbia and Canada with regards to privacy at this time. The possible registration of the cooperative entity that will hold ownership in the future may be done in a jurisdiction outside Canada in which case the laws and regulations of that jurisdiction will be applicable.

    Please feel free to use this site and its free speech platform. Further, we appreciate your insights and inputs with regards to moving towards a cooperative corporate ownership.

    P. S. This site is not and will not be limited to talk related to the so called Pandemic. The founders of this site have been left with negligible doubts that the official narrative of the so called Pandemic doesn't add up and there should be many untold stories behind the harmonized mainstream media propaganda. This is why a very large portion of this platform's content is dedicated to this subject at this time. We believe that this is the utmost priority now and are hopeful that this free speech platform will be of some help to humanity getting out of this crucial time.
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