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Why is this better than Facebook?

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  • Why is this better than Facebook?

    1. Free speech. No censorship.
    2. Discussions, posts, comments and all other contents can always be found unlike Facebook where old contents are usually too difficult to be found again.
    3. A much advanced editor allowing you to have much more control on the fonts, colors, styles, ...
    4. More advanced categorization of contents capable of having many Forums, many Channels (equivalent to Facebook groups) inside each Forums, many Topics (equivalent to posts in Facebook groups) inside Channels and unlimited posts inside topic (equivalent to Facebook comments).
    5. Option to own the site and platform.
    6. Go to your favorite Channels, see and read what matters to you and participate in discussions as appeals to you.
      YOU CHOOSE what you want to read instead of an algorithm written by people who look at you like a commodity choosing for you!
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    If you try to write even a word against Covid vaccine on Facebook, you will be sensored one way or another almost immediately and probably banned.

    Facebook claims it relies on an independent organization, factcheck . org
    But who are these people and how really independent they are?

    According to their own website, they have 3 main funding sources from where their salaries, expenses, and probably other benefits and profits, come from.

    On the second place, stands no other than Facebook! Hah Hah Hah. What a joke. So you sensor people, and if they ask why, you show them an independent! organization who judged them that receives salary from you!?

    People, don't you think Facebook is insulting your intelligence?

    On the third place stands, The Robert W Johnson foundation that owns shares of the Covid vaccine manufacturer Johnson & Johnson as much as 1.8 Billion Dollars.
    Do you need more to hear about this part? Please don't tell me that you need because I will stop communicating with you. Do it if that's what you want.

    And who is the champion? Who stands the first place in paying money to the Facebook Sensorship Justification?

    It is The Annenberg Foundation.
    Do you think this one is really independent? I mean, not related to any Covid vaccine manufacturers?
    You must be kidding. They receive money from Bill and Melinda Gates foundation.
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    • HumanistBC
      HumanistBC commented
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      Very True. One should think why should anyone provide such a huge resource like Facebook for free?
      Facebook is playing a key role for the big pharma mafia in the Corona theatre.