Fear is one of the major columns that the global Pandemic theater is sitting on. Fear comes from the so called number of "infected persons" and "Covid deaths".

It is well known that almost all of the deaths announced as "Covid deaths" had comorbidities. In other words, the deceased was suffering at least one and in most cases two other potentially fatal illnesses. Thus, they can't be simply called "Covid deaths".

On another valid account, the PCR test can only be used as an indicator to confirm clinical symptoms and by no means can simply mean a person with a positive test result is indeed infected or may cause transmission of the disease. A positive test result only means some molecule(s) were detected that may (or may not) be part of the RNA of some virus that may (or may not) exist in the body of that person, nothing more.

Neither the announced number of "infected persons" nor the number of "Covid deaths" are actually what they claim to be and yet no healthcare bosses say this while all mainstream media around the globe are trumpeting them 24/7. This is how fear is injected into people's minds.

However, the planners of Covid theater didn't rely on the above only.

The inventor of the PCR testing method has made it very clear that while performing these tests, the so called "amplification cycles" must remain below 35 cycles. Simply explained, the PCR testing method runs a number of cycles that doubles the number of a molecule defined for it each time. The target molecule is supposedly, some piece of the genetic code of a virus or bacteria. Each cycle doubles the number of the target molecule in the test sample. That means after running the test for n cycles you multiply the number of the target molecule as much as 2n. (Two to the power of n) After running the PCR test for a maximum 35 cycles, the amount of the target molecule is measured and if it is found higher than some figure the test result is considered positive.

If you run the PCR test with just one extra cycle, you have doubled the number of the target molecule and get more positive results, obviously. Almost all PCR tests used for announcing the figures that support the global fearmongering on mainstream media have been running above 35 cycles!

The health authorities in BC have been reported as nonresponsive to inquiries about the number of cycles and in Ontario they were (and I think still are) running the PCR tests at 45 cycles! Those 10 unexplained and unnecessary extra cycles result in 210 times extra amplifications. That is 1024 times more! In other words, they are increasing the number of the target molecules a gigantic 1024 times with no valid reason. Isn't this increasing the number of positive test results?

You be the judge.