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  • NO to Covid Vaccine

    1. These vaccines are in experimental phase. No animal testing is done and test on humans was limited to a small number of healthy young people.
    2. The number of people who died soon after taking the shot is higher than the total deaths from all other vaccines in history. VAERS has already listed over 4,200 deaths and 19,000 severe reactions in the first 5 months of mass experimenting them in people.
    3. Over 200,000 adverse reactions including near 1,000 in children between 12 and 17 years old have been reported by the CDC in US.
    4. The manufacturers and those who promote and inject it have exempted themselves from any liability. In other words, if you take it and get injured or die, they are not responsible.
    5. The survival rate of the disease in healthy people below 65 years of age is so high that injecting these experimental vaccines makes no sense.
    6. The long term effects are unknown to us.
    7. The FDA has not approved use of these vaccines.
    8. The vaccine contains a chemical called SM-102 which is an Ionizable Amino Lipid known as Luciferes synthetic MRNA not for ruse by humans.
    9. Our immune system has proved quite efficient and capable of saving us from the disease (unless you are very old and ill) and there is no need for them.
    10. We can always get vaccinate in the future but we cant un-vaccinate ourselves. There is nothing to take it in rush.

    Please help complete the list.
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