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  • Mass maskless shopping

    Marco Pietro MPtv Truthcasts had a great idea. We need to organize several maskless shoppings throughout BC/Alberta. BUT in different, yet more effective fashion. We need to pick stores (which honor mask exemptions) in several different areas and get a lot of people to show up outside (not grouped). No signs. Nothing. Completely stealth. Now one at a time goes in, say every couple of mins. Don't gather inside. Shop normally. And split up. Until there's say dozens inside eventually in one hour. And maybe rotate groups. The point of this is to psychologically get other people to maybe follow, drop the masks, and attempt to slowly try and change shopping into the way it was pre November 2020. This may hopefully give people more courage to simply not wear it. It can be assumed that those not wearing it are simply vaccinated even or just awake. There are many who wear it simply because they don't want to be an outcast. They're not alphas and not proud and gutsy to shop maskless like we in this group are. Going in as a group, filming, being loud and obnoxious, and trying to get attention accomplishes almost nothing but the opposite. It creates further divide, and makes us all look idiotic, crazy, and not respectable to the general public. If we can collectively pick one day a week and do this all across both provinces at the same time, we can make a difference. It can even be more regularly. It's up to you. I'm counting on people to help organize it in their areas. The smaller the community the easier it is. This is more effective right now than rallies as it's psychological. Rallies are wonderful and we owe a ton of gratitude to those organizing and attending them. But right now they're only acting as a support group, and a meeting place to vent for those are already awake. We need to target the rest of the public and get their attention, and try to change them.

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    Good idea. Such plans need an organizer.