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Fauci lied to the whole world

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  • Fauci lied to the whole world

    Fauci is the highest paid federal employee among 4 million of them, higher than the president of the USA. He heads NIAID* a sub-agency of NIH**. Niel Fergusen at Imperial College of London based on predictive modeling (not facts) suggested horror scenarios and Fauci, who himself said modelers can be wrong, based his policies and instructions on the predictive modeling scenarios. He reversed his instruction on everything including masks, lockdowns, children and schools.

    In 2012 he wrote that dangerous “Gain of Function***” experiments can result in a pandemic if the lab staff get infected. He added that “the benefits of such researches outweigh the risks”. Would those who lost a dear person related to Covid agree with this? Although we are not sure but it is very likely that the Covid 19 virus leaked from the Wuhan lab. However we do know that Fauci funded the “Gain of Function” experiment on Corona viruses at the Wuhan lab. He denied doing son but in 2016, NIAID that Fauci heads funded the experiment $600,000 via the EcoHealth director, Peter Daszak, and some other scientists including Shi Zheng Li who used the NIH funding to conduct experiments in Wuhan on live coronaviruses in a biosafety level 2 lab.

    Mark Zuckerberg personally corresponded with Fauci and asked him to let Facebook be the Corona information hub and then used Peter Daszak as Fact Checker on posts related to Wuhan lab censoring anyone who said anything about the GoF research on Corona viruses in Wuhan lab specially the possibility of a leak! Is this an independent third-party Fact Checker? No. No one on earth would be more concerned in denying the possibility of the virus check more than Peter Daszak.

    The following are base on the content disclosed from Fauci's emails released due to Freedom of Information Act.

    In February 5th 2020, Fucci wrote that masks are for infected people not to spread the virus and not for healthy people. The typical mask that you buy from a drugstore is not effective as the virus is so small in size that it passes through the material. It has some benefit if someone sneezes on to your face. These days, he is wearing two masks!

    On March 14th 2020 a known and trusted Virologist wrote to Fauci that the vulnerable group to the Corona virus is elderly with weak immune system and those are people to be quarantined not the young healthy. The virologist adds that the media has created panic and asks why data is not being released. Fauci’s reply, “Thank you for your note, Fauci”! and then he continued what he was doing.

    * NIAIAD = National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Disease
    ** NIH = National Institute of Health
    *** Gain of function research (GoFR) is a term used to describe any field of medical research which alters an organism or disease in a way that increases pathogenesis, transmissibility, or host range (the types of hosts that a microorganism can infect).
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